Addressing the Root-Cause of Autoimmune Conditions


If you suffer from an Autoimmune Condition, we have your Solution.

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Not sure if your condition is Autoimmune? See the list of autoimmune conditions and symptoms.


Note: DigestaCure® AUTOIMMUNE-X® does not “alter” the physiologic functions of the body as drugs do. Instead, it provides the vital missing components which allow immunity and the other bodily systems to function as designed.

The Success Rate

Our case by case success rate is unmatched in any of the healing industries. We receive written and verbal success reports directly from our users during the healing process demonstrating a 19 out of 20 success rate for those who take the product 4 months and longer for autoimmune conditions. We make no unsubstantiated claims. We allow the reports from the users to speak for themselves.

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The Solution

The product we produce is DigestaCure®. We address the Two Primary Systems of the body: The Immune System and the Digestive Tract. DigestaCure is classified as a food material containing No chemicals, No drugs, and exhibiting No side-effects. The Product is a 500mg capsule with pure, natural, concentrated immune modulators in powder form inside. It may be taken in capsule form or the powder may be mixed with liquid and drank during the healing process.

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How DigestaCure Works

Our focus is the elimination of the root-cause “Autoimmunity,” which is the misfiring, attacking mode of a struggling immune system responsible for over 100 autoimmune conditions. (See List) We do not target symptoms superficially as drugs and supplements do. Simply by replacing in concentration the natural immune modulating agents which have been depleted from the modern-day food supply, immunity may restore proper function and autoimmunity may dissipate. How DigestaCure Works

How solid is our Science?


The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2013

Awarded to: James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman, Thomas C. Südhof


The 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine confirms our Six Year Advance of Main Stream Medical Acknowledgement.  Read more>>


Have you been told that your condition is incurable?

The Bottom Line: “The modern-day medical industry will not train or permit the physician to address and conquer the root-cause, Autoimmunity, responsible for over 100 autoimmune conditions. (See the list). The doctors are permitted to treat symptoms only. The root-cause, Autoimmunity, has become the “Protected Golden Goose” of the industry responsible for an estimated 85% of the revenue collected by the medical/pharmaceutical complex in total. If you would prefer effective root-cause healing read on, for the restoration of proper immune response and digestive function is indeed the answer and has been reported by tens of thousands to date.” Healing time frames in months vary with each individual case reported.

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What’s New?

Our website has changed to better

inform and assist you. Our bottle

and label design has been updated.

We have expanded the product

name to better describe its primary

functions. The product potency has

been further enhanced through recent

improvements in our stabilization process.


New customers, submit your

symptoms and conditions

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Existing customers, if you are

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Licensed Health Care Practitioners:

Anyone may purchase DigestaCure® without a prescription by calling 1-888-671-2873 or by

using the secure order form on this site. Licensed health care practitioner's may open an account to carry wholesale in office, by  completing the on-line form here >>


You can also print and complete the form and fax it,  including a current copy of your practitioners license to: 954-320-7547 and by calling 1-888-671-2873.


Notice to Existing Users:

We are implementing multiple new manufacturing and production lines to meet increasing

demands. Although we anticipate no immediate shortages, it is advisable to re-order your

capsules in advance of your immediate needs. In the event of unforeseeable future

shortages, customers will be prioritized or “grandfathered” by initial order date.


A Notice to All of Our Customers:

We are experiencing exponential growth and currently servicing thousands of customers by

phone weekly, therefore, please help us keep phone calls concise and to the point. Please

read the basic materials before you call such as Dosage Directions and Prices, and have your

questions ready when you call. It is possible that lines may be busy when you call. Should this

occur, be sure to leave a message with basic details of your condition, and a product

specialist will contact you within 24 hours. We strive to ensure that no one is left behind.



This product may be reimbursed by your health insurance carrier. Click for details

This product may be reimbursed by your health insurance carrier. Click for details.


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Understanding what we do, and what we do not do:

  • We are focused on the restoration of proper immune function and balance.
  • We make every effort with each and every individual case. We provide a potent product, and a five-day-per-week support team which provides research facts, product direction, and valuable information and feedback from our customer's personal experiences and those of our own during the healing process..
  • We do not waste your time. We do not chase or treat diseases, conditions, or symptoms. Our focus is the root-cause of autoimmune conditions: the misfiring immune system. Diseases, conditions, and symptoms are merely the results of the root-cause. Mainstream and independent research alike demonstrates that when the autoimmune attack subsides, so do the symptoms and conditions. This fact is additionally validated by thousands of user progress reports.
  • We do not give medical advice, treat, or diagnose diseases. Should one wish to attempt to chase diseases while the root cause rages, consult a licensed disease-industry health care provider for advice and treatment.
  • Individual conditions and subsequently individual results may vary widely in regard to time frames and overall experience. Please note: We are fully aware of the effectiveness of our product, and we purposely make no claims, healing promises or guarantees to any individual.

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The Book that Changed the Face of Healthcare


Dr. Ronald P. Drucker explains the healing modes of DigestaCure, and why the medical industry will not train or permit the physician to heal autoimmune conditions.

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 to our employee Flavianny Nassimbeni for being crowned ...

Flavianny came to us for help in the fall of 2012 with a chronic case of autoimmune digestive

dysfunction which had rendered her bed-ridden for most of her days over a period of 3 years.

By the turn of the year 2013, she was back in the gym training for the Miss Brazil USA

pageant, which was held in Orlando Florida on November 15th 2014. Flavianny’s story of

healing and recovery is an extraordinary inspiration for millions suffering with autoimmune

conditions.  Flavianny is currently in charge of the Pristine Practitioner Division.